Tennis & Travel Consultant


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Travel Services


Turn your journeys into unforgettable experiences you would love to run through again. Determine your personal preferences and pick from the recommended connections and airlines. Whatever your selection, be ready to have a good time on board.


Enjoy ultimate customization adapted to your individual needs and demanding requirements. You will receive outstanding offers including critical amenities and benefits. Your comfort and peace are the number one priorities during each of your stays.


Make your tennis tour pleasant and reasonable in terms of value for money. You will take advantage of extended advisory on itinerary designing and costs optimization. Prepare for stressless traveling in perfect conditions to your next great tournaments.


Expect to relax ultimately and discover new ways of leisure. Your next holidays will be full of unforgettable moments as never before. Discover breathtaking scenery, nature, and interesting cultures. Or, follow your favorite tennis star and watch tournaments straight from the stands.

Upgrade your tennis traveling today!

Tennis Services

Coach Career Consulting

Becoming a successful and recognizable tennis coach is ambitious and challenging. You will be carefully guided to achieve your goals in a short time. Your individual preferences, aptitude, and desires will be decisive. Start or accelerate your career. Job opportunities and internships are waiting across the world.

Player Mentorship & Coaching

The complexity of professional tennis may be overwhelming and cause extra pressure. By trusting Mentorship & Coaching services you can entirely focus on tennis training. The rest will be done for you behind the scenes. You will receive on-court development program and/or general guidance in order to maximize career achievements.



Tennis and Traveling are my two biggest passions. I have been teaching and coaching tennis for almost 15 years in several countries in Europe and Asia. My work brought me to amazing places, interesting cultures, and unexpected life decisions. I like to have everything under control so I always organized my trips by myself. It counts more than 40 countries, 200 flights, and hundreds of hotel nights, and still growing.