Flights to WTA250 Palermo from 99EUR (E) and 274EUR (B)

Palermo Ladies Open (Italy) July 18-24, 2022

The seeding of Palermo Ladies Open scheduled on the clay courts of the Country Time Club is led by the semifinalist of the French Open and winner of this year’s WTA 250 in Rabat, Martina Trevisan, followed by the Kazakh, Yulia Puntitseva (33 WTA), the Spanish Sara Sorribes Tormo (40) and the Chinese, Shuai Zhang (41).

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AmsterdamPalermo271 EUR396 EUR
Brussels259 EUR441 EUR
Frankfurt339 EUR579 EUR
Lisbon426 EUR567 EUR
Madrid275 EUR413 EUR
Paris237 EUR491 EUR
Rome99 EUR274 EUR
Vienna242 EUR402 EUR
Warsaw246 EUR430 EUR
Zurich283 EUR388 EUR
Fares were updated on June 27, 2022.

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