Economy Humiliation versus Business Class

The aviation market has been going through tough times since the beginning of 2020. Most European airlines decided to reduce the number of services to a minimum so as to remain alive. This move helped them to keep on operating but it impacted the flying experience and damaged their reputation. The fares went up making them completely unjustified in relation to what the passengers receive.


Low-cost airlines are not the subject of this review as they were always known for selling nothing but boarding passes for humiliation. The thing is that regular airlines that are members of elite alliances have followed their path without hesitation. It kind of turns traveling into a rather unwanted necessity. The saddest part of it is while we have to pay more, the ground and onboard service worsened much. Are the passengers being fooled or has lack of standard become a standard?

Promo price: 80-100EUR round-trip
Regular price: 200-250EUR round-trip
Carry-on baggage: 8kg + 1 item
Check-in baggage: For a fee
Seat allocation: For a fee
Meals & Drinks: For a fee


Once you learned the economy class reality, you would not expect a better world on the same plane. However, buying a business class ticket is one of the wisest moves you can do these days. Impressive baggage allowance, high comfort at the airport and on board, as well as proper nutritional offer are the minimum you will receive. This is exactly what is necessary and expected by tennis players, coaches, and fans to be well-prepared for the next event.

Promo price: 200-250EUR round-trip
Regular price: 350-450EUR round-trip
Carry-on baggage: 2x 8kg + 1 item
Check-in baggage: 2x 32 kg
Seat allocation: Free choice
Meals & Drinks: Free of charge (lounge and plane)

  • designated check-in desk
  • fast track
  • airport lounge access
  • priority boarding
  • lie-bed seat (wide-body aircraft)
  • onboard WiFi
  • 100-200% miles (award ticket)


Ticket price146EUR356EUR
1st check-in bag2x 25EURincluded
2nd check-in bag2x 65EURincluded
Seat selection4x 12EURincluded
Fast track2 x 10EURincluded
Lounge access2 x 30EURincluded
Onboard meals4 x 10EURincluded
Sample pricing of Lufthansa (round trip BRU-BSL via VIE on 13-20.10.2022)

Honestly, any comparison of the economy and business class no longer makes any sense. If you travel often with at least one check-in bag, in the long-term perspective, the economy class has nothing to offer. Taking into consideration the comfort of traveling and financial aspects, it is simply not beneficial to fly in the standard cabin. Even though the ticket price is good-looking, you would have to spend much more on extras. In such a case, why not care about your own health, convenience, and satisfaction all along?!