Hotel Selection Excellence

Tennis players and coaches spend most of the year on tour. While for other people it could look very attractive, for them the situation is quite difficult. One of the key factors which affect general health and tennis performance is recovery and sleeping conditions. For this sensitive reason, it is very important to select hotels and rooms carefully, and pay extra attention to services on offer when planning travels.


First and above all, a hotel room needs to be a sanctuary where you can relax after intensive practice or a tight match without any worries. It should be soundproof to avoid sleepless nights but also ensure short naps during the day. Daily housekeeping is a must to keep it clean and fresh at all times. The opportunity to sleep in a queen or king bed provides sufficient surface and comfort to feel at home. It is a good idea to contact the hotel before placing a reservation with questions about the mattress specifications. A living area with a sofa and coffee table is also advised to spend some time reading books, playing board games, or using digital devices. Lastly, always search for a room with air conditioning to set the temperature at your favorite level.


Bathroom is where you usually refresh your body but it can also serve as a recovery room. If you have a choice between a bathtub and a shower, the first option could be a smarter solution. When your body is immersed, the cardiovascular system begins to work faster and more efficiently accelerating muscular recovery. While the functionality of shower cabins is kind of limited, in the bathtub you can enjoy showers, hot baths, ice baths, or even use it as a wash basin in an emergency.


As long as you are going to stay in countries with nutritional habits similar to yours, you should not bother much about food. However, make sure the hotel you select will offer your preferred products, alternatives to your allergens, and western cuisine while on continents like Asia or Africa. Local bacteria can be a cause of food poisoning or more serious diseases that lower tennis performance.

Swimming Pool

This is an amazing place to recover in an active way but also feel a little bit aside from daily duties. Laying by the pool brings good vibes, relaxes the mind, and is a perfect spot to read a book or listen to music. Swimming pool can be also a training area since resistance and plyometric sessions in water decrease the risk of injury and unburden the spine.

Fitness Room

Being in good shape does not mean following physical and tennis training only. It is lots of accompanying activities that support general fitness, including elastic bands training, core stability, myofascial release, stretching, yoga, and mental training. Having access to the gym provides additional surfaces and conditions for optimal preparation. You do not have an impression of being closed in a tiny room if you are allowed to use several premises of the hotel building.


Tennis requires carrying many bags with equipment, clothes, food, and drinks. Most probably you will always have to use a car either private or rented. Make sure that your reservation includes a free parking spot. There is nothing more annoying and tiring than driving around in search of a vacant place.

Cancellation Policy

We live in such uncertain times that as a principle we should never pay before receiving a service or product. It refers to hotel rooms as well, especially since plans in tennis change day by day. Flight cancellation, unexpected health problems, or not qualifying for the tournament draw should be considered as possible scenarios. While booking your hotel room, look for a flexible cancellation policy or make a reservation last minute.

Hotel Rating

From years-long experience, many disappointments, and unpredicted circumstances, the sincere advice is to stay at 4* or 5* hotels unless 3* hotels are located in countries with the highest standards. Do not forget to check what amenities are included in the final price. Very often, a 4* hotel offers, even if more expensive, will be more economical than renting a room alone and buying access to premises you really cannot do without. Another point of reference while choosing the right place to stay is the guest reviews. Booking websites display individual reviews of entire hotels, particular rooms, and selected services which should give you some insight and guidance. Anything below 8 on a 10-point scale or 4 on a 5-point scale should be excluded as a general rule otherwise, your experience will probably be unsatisfactory.


Being on tour has a lot of negative consequences such as family separation, social limitations, difficulties in adaption to local cultures, and many smaller or bigger issues. Some may be under our control despite the extra effort we have to put into them. For example, the hotels the players and coaches stay in do not have to be picked randomly or based on superficial impact.

The room is just a primary part of your reservation, but amenities like breakfast included, a fitness room, a swimming pool, or proximity to locations of interest are of the same importance. While making your choice, look at the matter globally.