Flights to WTA500 Tokyo from 755EUR (E) and 2369EUR (B)

Toray Pan Pacific Open (Japan) September 19-15, 2022

“I am very much looking forward to participating in the Toray PPO again this year,” Pliskova said. “Toray PPO is one of the oldest and most recognizable events on the WTA calendar, and many of its past champions are legends.”

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AmsterdamTokyo983 EUR2657 EUR
Brussels1028 EUR2552 EUR
Frankfurt930 EUR2742 EUR
Lisbon1214 EUR3797 EUR
Madrid937 EUR3200 EUR
Paris755 EUR2717 EUR
Rome1088 EUR2369 EUR
Vienna988 EUR3811 EUR
Warsaw846 EUR3250 EUR
Zurich1147 EUR4106 EUR
Fares were updated on August 15, 2022.

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